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3 ways of working with our clients: developing together a whole project, providing expertise in technical subjects and integrating our amazing products.

Your innovative project

You want to develop your company by processing data and managing them easily and automatically ? More than having software solutions, we provide a high talented team specialized in data science, IT and design thinking.

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Technical Expertise

Do you need experts of Data mining, search engine or artificial intelligence to get a more powerful product or service ? You clearly seem to be at the right place, we can easily develop solutions according to your needs and your environment. We come from great research labs, so you can take advantage of very recent technologies.

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Boot-Start Products

Our savoir-faire leads us to develop efficient products which meet specific needs. Each installation is the object of an adaptated development, because of particularities of each company in data management.

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Major Accounts

Why do large companies like to innovate with Boot-Start ? Our experts in IT and Data Science can resolve complex problems and our method is based on efficiency.

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Middle-size companies

Boot-Start is an experts team who helps companies in their digitalization by developping IT, big-data and AI products from prototype to integration.

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Start-up project

We are used to help start-ups to launch their first product. We can also be present in a hypergrowth phase. Do you have a scientific challenge ? Our ingineers and Phd will be glad to discuss about it !

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News about our company, Big-Data in Business and data science

Our Amazing Team

Dedicated to make the best out of few.

Benjamin Habegger


Arnaud Renard


Benjamin Bertin


Benjamin Kaltenbaek


Anais Gouzhy-Deli

Data Scientist junior

Quentin Sebille

Data Scientist

Floriane Julliard

Designer UX

Romain Latron

Junior Developer

Axel Céard

Junior Developer

Etienne Chauvet

Junior Developer

Quentin Dussieaux

Junior Developer

Julien Grand-Chavin

Junior Developer

Geoffrey Ljubanovic

Digital transformation Consultant

Martin Koběrský

Junior Developer

We chose to build a team of members who, even when specialized, have a clear understanding and sensitivity to the other aspects of the greater picture. Thus all of are members will have a global vision of the projects they work on, should it be technical, design, business, user experience, etc.


They trust us and we helped them get things done.


Backend, Search


Search, Architecture


Backend, Media Composition


Data migration, exploitation

Free Your Inbox

Frontend, Backend, Gmail


Data analytics, Recommendation, Classification

Homerider Systems

Frontend, Backend, Benching, Mobile (Android & iOS)


Search, Recommendation, Classification




Backend, Frontend, Search

Crawling, Recommendation


Frontend, Backend, Search, Recommendation

Slib (BNP Paribas)

Exploitation : alerts system


Backend, Frontend, Mobile (iOS & Android)


We customize our products according to the company and the kind of data to process

Media Server

The Boot-Start Media Server is a RESTful service for managing the upload, storage, conversion and delivery of different media efficiently.

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Smart Knowledge Management Platform

The Smart Knowledge Management platform collects, cleans and classifies several kind of data to provide a powerfull search engine, recommendation and analyse about internal documents, files and client data.

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Développement de votre marketplace en mode agile. Du MVP à la Markeplace complète, nous mettons à disposition de votre projet une équipe de talents et la "Méthode Boot-Start" reconnue pour son efficacité dans les projets de plateforme.

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Smart Catalog online

Integration of an interactiv catalog to your website with all your products.
A simple tool to increase your sales without online purchase.

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Smart Catalog pour commerciaux

La solution Smart Catalog pour commerciaux est une plateforme utilisable sur tablettes en tant que support de vente. L'ensemble de votre catalogue produit est intégré à la plateforme. De quoi moderniser le métier de vos chargés d'affaire de manière simple et pragmatique.

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