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You want to get informations, do analytics, prediction or AI ? You first need to clean and unify your data !
Discover our awesome platform which makes easy the first steps of Data processing

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Transform big-data into knowledge

How does it work ?

Step 1 : upload your datas or connect APIs to collect data in the platform,
Step 2 : Use the platform to set some instruction and learn to the artificial agent how to classify data
Step 3 : Your data will be classified by learning model and rules. If there is a doubt, you can make the good decision in the conflict management screen.

Project Story (in french)

Interactiv plateform and dashboards

SKM platform is above all a friendly platform. After cleaning and structuring data, each employee can search, sort and find an information/data in the platform.

Boot-Start Touch

User Experience

Yes, data management can be easy and accessible ! We designed our interfaces to avoid any waste of time and focus on the essential, generating cleaned and structured data.


We can begin by a proof of concept to see the potential. Then we can set user test with your early adopters and finally integrate added functionalities.

Smart Data

Our technologies make data cleaning and classifying partly automatized. Most of companies spend a lot of time to these first step of Data management or worst, they lose informations.


No pain no gain, we already spent over 1 year in Research and Development. Leaded by 2 PhD, our R&D program includes in particular efforts on semantizing and statistics. This program is funded by BPI and is supported by our partners, the LIRIS laboratory.

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