Smart Knowledge Management

A software range to automate and simplify data management and analytics.. A precious help to share and search informations.

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An interface to combine and search a lot of


The platform and the AI assistant integrated collect data from many sources (CRM, databases, business softwares, quotations, bills, internal documents, public data as Google, LinkedIn...). Then it combines the whole data on an interface which make search and analytics easier. Each customer or prospect has his own ID and a lot of data automatically affected . With this tool, your marketing teams can easily select a small sample at any time with precise criterias. You can also see in 2 clicks all the informations about a specific client or sample of clients.

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An easy acces to the right file or information

Files and internal documents

Easy way to find the file you need. Automatic classification of a lot of internal informations with a powerfull technology of semantic analysis. The automatic classification and the user-friendly search engine improve the productivity thanks to efficient algorithms and intuitives features. Employees can find informations easyer and faster. Executive can make analyses and precise audits based on this huge source of data.

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Boot-Start Touch


Our efficient algorithms are the fruit of 1 year R&D in artificial intelligence, semantic and statistics.


Possibility to provide a prototype to note the potential of the solution. Several tests to make the solution great.

Talented team

Experts of data science, semantic analyse, machine learning, statistics and user experience


The solution is always customized for each client.

Client Encyclopedia
Adaptation of the platform for applicants and VCs
Up Knowledge
Sharing of files and informations between subsidiaries

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