Developement and Integration

We create with you the solution you need by integrating our powerful technologies or product

We can help you to develop and provide the whole solution. We privilege the "Agile" way, we provide user tests to creat the most efficient and ergonomic final product.

Proof Of Concept

You can test fastly your project with a fonctional prototype

We develop a "prototype" to show you the potential of what you can get with the final product.

Advices and strategy

We bring you a vision about all the possibilities and suggestions according to your strategy

There are a lot of solutions in Data mining and analysis, what's the force of Boot-Start? We are a team of experts, we works fast and we are used to drive very innovative projects.


Here are some of the advanced topics we can work on for you

Product Design

We can help you to imagine and provide the design of your service or product. We will help by making scenarios and user tests.

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Project Management

We make your project go faster with lean management and agile methods. We are bilingual, we speak "tech" and "product".

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Backend Developpement

We can develop the REST's API of your backend. We use a backend stack propulsed by Apache Camel and Elasticsearch.

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Frontend Developpement

We can develop the front part of your product. Our frontend stack is based on Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery.

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Mobile Developpement

We can develop a fisrt vesrion of your mobile app. Our mobile stack is based on Apache Cordova et Ionic.

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We can help you analyse your data or develop self-improving services based on classification technology such as ElasticSearch, Weka, Knime. We can provide interactive dashboard and data vizualisation tools.

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We develop tools to automate data mining and data analysis. Artificial Intelligence technologies are also used to improve efficiency and avoid mistakes. We developed algorithms based on active learning (automation with human control).

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We can help you get a clearer view and operationnal informations on your data collections and make them talk using tools such as ElasticSearch, Weka, Knime, and well yeah, maybe Hadoop... But is your data that big ?

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We know how to predict major trends and weak signals by processing data. Our team of data scientists including a PhD in statistics can resolve complex issues and integrate the algorithms in your software and system.

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We develop and provide recommendation engine to customize the displays or data. We integrate algorithms of Machine learning to create an auto-improvment of the product

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We can implement fulltext search for your solution using ElasticSearch. You thought it was easy hun ? Well no, it's not just install are roll... There's some trickiness out there and we can help.

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We customize our products according to the company and the kind of data to process

Media Server

The Boot-Start Media Server is a RESTful service for managing the upload, storage, conversion and delivery of different media efficiently.

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Smart Knowledge Management Platform

The Smart Knowledge Management platform collects, cleans and classifies several kind of data to provide a powerfull search engine, recommendation and analyse about internal documents, files and client data.

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Développement de votre marketplace en mode agile. Du MVP à la Markeplace complète, nous mettons à disposition de votre projet une équipe de talents et la "Méthode Boot-Start" reconnue pour son efficacité dans les projets de plateforme.

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Smart Catalog online

Integration of an interactiv catalog to your website with all your products.
A simple tool to increase your sales without online purchase.

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Smart Catalog pour commerciaux

La solution Smart Catalog pour commerciaux est une plateforme utilisable sur tablettes en tant que support de vente. L'ensemble de votre catalogue produit est intégré à la plateforme. De quoi moderniser le métier de vos chargés d'affaire de manière simple et pragmatique.

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